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Lamborghini Aventador Wrap
We present to you, the Gold Chrome Aventador wrap. A project that was initially going to be a printed design wrap changed course when our client took a second glance at the color options we offered. After flipping through the color book and landing on the gold swatch he was sold by the vision of a Golden Aventador. It wasn’t long after that the vinyl arrived and we began the transformation of this Gloss White Lamborghini Aventador into Gold Chrome. We began by getting the vehicle professionally dismantled here at KI Studios | Protective Films Solutions San Diego. With body panels off we have the opportunity to precisely wrap the door seams and edges which will result with a phenomenal looking wrap. Not leaving any exposed areas that would then show the real paint and throw off the appearance of the wrap. As we were laying out the gold vinyl over the hood it appeared as if it had been freshly dipped in gold. A moment where we realized that this wrap was going to be something special.

Gold Chrome wrap install

As the days go by and panels are being wrapped the project was approaching completion. Before then we had contacted Robert Grubbs from Grubbs Photography to notify him about our latest Lamborghini Aventador wrap that might interest him in shooting. Once we mentioned the Gold Chrome Wrap he was quite excited about the photo shoot. The final day consisted of going over wrap details, cleaning, and prepping the shop for the shoot. Taking the car out for a shoot was not in our mind since our new shop location was just perfect for night time garage shots. The next day our client stopped by the shop to pick up his beloved Gold Chrome Lamborghini Aventador. As we unveiled the vehicle from its car cover we could see our client be fascinated over the transformation and new look of his ride. His excitement from seeing the end result defined our success in the project.

Gold Chrome Aventador

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