The “Batventador” is the famous name of this matte black Lamborghini Aventador. The decals on the car are constantly changing because the owner is constantly taking the car to different shows, rallies, and charity events. This year a new private airline here in California, Surf Air, wanted to promote their business on an awesome car for the Monterey car week and the Italian Stampede. My challenge was designing graphics that fit the branding of Surf Air, the theme of Batventador, and the colors of the Italian flag in spirit of the Italian sports cars. Protective Film Solutions came through with another great install and the end result was a hit! The owner (Debbie) has since changed the door logos a couple of times to complete the Batventador theme, but has for now, kept the rest of the graphics in tact.

Thank you Grubbs Photography, Edoloman Photography, Exotic Luxury, and Bill Haleen for your photo submissions!

Lamborghini Aventador "Batventador" Wrap