Roof wraps are considered partial wraps. By far, a roof wrap is the most popular type of partial wrap we do.

Some people have only their hoods wrapped. Sometimes wraps are only done for side mirrors or rear wings. Roof wraps however are more popular than of those other options combined. Then there’s the color. I would say that 99% of roof wraps are done in black — some in matte black, others in gloss black. But black still.

What’s cool about black roof wraps

Roof Wraps - Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia with a black roof wrap

Not sure what it is about it, but a black roof looks super classy. It might be the fact that the dark color at the top makes the car look lower. The black roof wrap makes it so that your eye is drawn away from the very top of the vehicle and it focuses more on the main body. At least that’s my theory. Regardless of the reasoning, black roof wraps are super popular now and the trends seem to point at things not changing any time soon. After all, black is always in fashion.

On some cars, having a black roof wrap just makes absolute sense. On other cars it’s a bit more forced, but most of the time, it still works.

Think about a C6 Corvette. On those cars, a black roof makes total sense, specially if you also wrap the B-pillars of the targa top in black. This makes it so the entire top part of the car is dark. Add dark window tint for the full effect.

Another perfect example of this is the original Acura NSX. A black roof wrap gives you an entire black top section. In fact, this sort of thing works quite well on most targa-top cars.

Black Roof Wraps - Red Ferrari 458 Italia

The Ferrari 458 Italia is another great candidate for a black roof wrap. This car requires a bit more wrapping to the get the full black-top effect. However, once done, the results are stunning

Sunroof look has to go

Another reason why roof wraps are so popular is that you get the impression of having a big panoramic roof. BMW and Mercedes do this out of the factory on some of their cars. Of course, this is again assuming a black roof wrap.

Furthermore, if you have a sunroof, you usually have a big ol’ rectangle on top of your roof. Quite honestly, you might be used to seeing this, but it’s not that attractive. A black roof wrap will essentially blend the sunroof with the rest of the roof for a much better look.

There are downsides of course. A black roof wrap will get hotter than one with a light color. In most places this isn’t much of a problem. That said, if you are already having problems with your A/C, be wary of black roof wraps. But, if form beats function, go black and don’t even worry about it. Modern cars with strong A/Cs won’t even flinch.

Roof wraps offer paint protection as well

Color aside, the roof of your car is a lot like your hood. It takes the grunt of the sun and weather exposure. Your roof also tends to get less care than the hood or other parts of your car. That’s one reason while you’ll often see failing clear-coat or failing paint on the roof first before any other part of a car.

Roof wraps are a great way to protect the paint on the roof from the elements. After you peel it off in a few years’ time, you will essentially have fresh brand new paint.

Regardless of the practical reasons for roof wraps and the pros and cons, a roof wrap is just plain cool. Plus, if color alone is not enough for you, you can even do textures like a carbon-fiber pattern or brushed steel. Given roof wraps are partial wraps, they are a lot less expensive than wrapping your entire car. This allows you the chance to customize for less money than a full wrap.

Wrap your roof black today

Whether you go black or otherwise, consider how your car will look with a wrapped roof. If you’re not sure, feel free to contact us. We can even make a Photoshop render to show you how your car will look with a roof wrap. After all, all those people with black roof wraps must be on to something.

If you’re in Southern California, anywhere close to San Diego, contact us to inquire about wrapping your car’s roof. We’ll give you a free estimate and let you decide.