Deadpool Porsche 991 GT3

Deadpool Porsche 991 GT3 Rolling Shot

This is the infamous Deadpool Porsche 991 GT3 that stormed the Gold Rush Rally for its 2016 #GR8EST edition.

Be a Hero

Whether it’s a love story or a horror movie, Deadpool is a superhero like no other. Naturally, his Porsche 991 GT3 had to be as bold as him and as spicy as his favorite chimichangas. Maximum effort and constant fun were had with design and creation of this beautiful car wrap for GoldRush Rally 2016.

Let me spell it out for you…

Even Francis would say this car is not hard to look at. While it only takes four or five moments to become a hero, it only takes one photo to see the heroic awesomeness of this San Diego vinyl wrap.

Driving right up Main Street, you were diffidently meant to see this Deadpool Porsche. No 4th wall breaks necessary. Deadpool speaks for himself, but pictures don’t do the Porsche justice, so we continued the fun with a video of the entire process.

Watch the video

The Deadpool Rap should be about this Deadpool Wrap. Sexy as hell with just his logo, running his mouth, he just wouldn’t shut up about it. (Trust me, we asked him.)

The inspiration aside, KI Studios was happy to wrap this as a contribution to the Taylor Lynn Foundation for the annual goldRush Rally. Taylor Lynn Foundation is a nonprofit organization whom raises money for children in need. Their generous contributions enhance children lives in many ways, including allowing access to events and activities they might not otherwise have the chance to participate and enjoy.

You may read more and donate here: Taylor Lynn Foundation

Not all heroes wear capes, but to a child in need, you could be their hero.

Wade Wilson/Deadpool: “See, you don’t need to be a superhero to get the girl, the right girl will bring out the hero in you.”

Cover photo by Ted 7. Gallery photos by Grubbs Photography.


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July 28, 2016