MacLaren 650S The Hulk Wrap Superhero

MacLaren 650S The Hulk Wrap for Gold Rush Rally

The MacLaren 650S The Hulk Wrap is one of the 5 super hero wraps we did for the Taylor Lynn Foundation cars for Gold Rush Rally. Some say it’s their favorite.

We love how the big open mouth and doors that open up on the MacLaren 650S The Hulk make it look like a life-like character in action. The gold race driver suit with the Hulk muscles undergarment really takes the entire theme to new levels. Check out the picture of the gold girl next to the car. A lot of thought went into this one. It was not just a car but an entire ensemble.

The low-slung grille of the MacLaren 650S made it a perfect canvas for this design. It gave ample space for a big Hulk mouth with details down to the teeth without having a vented grille get in the way. While this design may have fit a different supercar pretty well, the combination of the low grille, small squinty headlights and doors that open up made it all the perfect fit.

The MacLaren 650S The Hulk was one of the favorites for many and brought together a character that’s larger than life with a super car that’s larger than life.

About the MacLaren 650S

The MacLaren 650S is one of the follow-ups to the very successful MacLaren MP4-12C. However, it goes a step further by paying homage to the flagship MacLaren P1. It can been seen as an upgraded 12C which bridges the gap between the 12C and P1. Base price is around $350,000, give or take. Power is at 666Hp with 516 lb-ft of torque, and all going through a 7-speed dual clutch transmission. The perfectly-appointed cabin will seem familiar to anyone who owns or has driven a 12C. Entry and egress are just as daunting mind you, thanks to the very wide bottom sills. That said, it’s all part of the fun and the experience. Driving one of these is a special event every single time.

The 650S is quite lightweight at 2950lb. But of course, the Hulk is like a million pounds. Power makes up for that though.


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July 28, 2016