Navy Seal Foundation Lamborghini Huracan

Navy Seal Lamborghini Huracan Vinyl Graphics Car Wrap

Navy Seal Lamborghini Huracan wrapped for O’Gara Coach La Jolla

The design and wrap of this navy-ship inspired Lamborghini Huracan was created to benefit the Navy Seal Foundation. The design of the wrap is inspired mostly by the unique design of the USS Muir DE-770 Cannon class destroyer escort warship. This was as a ship that was in service during World War II. It offered escort service to help protect nearby Navy vessels and convoys from submarine and air attacks.

The wrap itself is very unique due to the complexity of it. Various layers had to be used. For example, the original dark blue color of this Huracan had to be covered in white to offer a better base to begin the graphics work. A big part of the wrap as digitally printed in-house. The details are rich, down to the panel rivets that resemble those of a steel armored war ship.

The sponsors’ logos were then applied on top. The organizations represented in this very unique project are the Navy Seal Foundation, Green Beret Foundation, UDT-Seal Association and the Macalan Group. The car comes O’Gara Coach La Jolla.

To finalize the project, the ideal location to shoot the car was key. Grubbs Photography manned the official shoot of the car next to the USS Midway in San Diego. We couldn’t think of location better suited to shoot this car than this. Well, maybe next to a USS Muir DE-770, but we don’t happen to have one of those handy!

About the Lamborghini Huracan

The Lamborghini Huracan is the most current of the small Lambos and the successor of the ever-so-popular Gallardo. We are expecting this car to follow the family DNA and be around for quite a long time. Just like the Gallardo.

The design is smaller than that of the Lamborghini Aventador and it’s also lighter on its feet. Base price is around half of the Aventador at around $200,000. Unlike the Gallardo, no manual transmission is offered for the Huracan. The car is powered by a 5.2 Liter V10 through a 7-speed dual clutch paddle-shifting transmission.


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July 28, 2016