About KI Studios

KI Studios is a privately owned design studio based in San Diego, California. We design high-end and exotic sports car livery stripes and printed wraps. We ship our products worldwide.

Ferrari 458 Italia Scuderia Style KI Studios Stripes

KI Studios was started in sunny San Diego, California in the early 2000’s as a side project and hobby. Now we have an established business with an international footprint. We supply stripes and liveries to hundreds of customers in the USA. Our international exporting is even bigger. We design, print, laminate and ship all vinyl products in-house.

KI Studios Porsche 987 Cayman S

On our website we sell stripe kits for high-performance vehicles such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Lotus and C7 Corvette. We ship thousands of stripe kits a year, worldwide. We offer endless possibilities for customizing your car. Furthermore, all KI Studios graphics kits are designed to fit and produced with only the highest quality materials available that are built to last.

About the Owner

About KI Studios

Kyle Isbell is a motivated Graphic Designer and car enthusiast with over 20 years professional design and vehicle graphics experience, backed by degrees in Graphics design and Online Marketing. After managing several vehicle wrap companies in central and southern California, Kyle Isbell started KI Studios. He set the bar high by combining skills and experience in design with the passion for high end sport and exotic cars.

Why Choose KI Studios?

Accuracy, Performance, Innovation

Don’t be fooled by cheap inaccurate knock off’s sold on eBay. KI Studios designs all of our work by hand on the actual car before moving on to render the artwork in design software. This assures accurate fitment of stripes and vinyl graphics across curves and body lines. Inexperienced sellers on eBay or knock off websites may simply copy inaccurate screen shots of our work, and trace the low resolution photo causing improper scale and fitment, distorted lines, and mismatched colors.

As you know, the aerodynamic lines of your sports car are not flat like a computer screen. Our graphics are often designed with counter curves to compensate for the curves of your car in order to make a straight line once applied. A side view photo from the internet does not tell you that a 997 Carrera 4S body is actually 1.7″ wider than a 997 GT3, or that the emblem on a 997 Turbo moved 2.5 inches from where it is on a 996 Turbo. This comes with experience and attention to detail.

KI Studios uses only high performance cast vinyl films by 3M, Avery-Dennison, STEK and Oracal. This not only provides the paint like look, but enables the film to stretch around curves of the vehicle without ripping, causing edge peeling, or premature fading from the sun. Many other sellers use cheap calendared vinyl films with short life expectancy in order to keep their cost down. In result, you end up with a vinyl that has the natural tendency to shrink and peel around the edges. When removing a cheap calendared vinyl film, the adhesive is a separate layer than the vinyl. Vinyl that leaves the adhesive behind when you attempt to remove it can result in damage to your paint.

KI Studios offers innovative designs and ideas that mix current trends with historically accurate inspirations to deliver the feel of the cars we all love, yet allow you to stand out and be different. Everything can be customized, and we are constantly setting new trends. This is what keeps KI Studios on top of the game.

KI Studios Stripes and Wraps Design and Production Facilities

Porsche 911 Race Car Camo Wrap with Blue Accents

At KI Studios design and productions San Diego facilities we incorporate the latest in design and vinyl production equipment.

Our focus is to design and produce the most accurate and best-looking stripe kits and printed car wraps for luxury and exotic sports cars from Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini and others. This same design expertise also goes into our race car livery designs.

Some of our equipment consists of:

  • Roland VS 540 wide format printer & cutter
  • Seal 54 Laminator
  • Graphtec & Roland vinyl cutters / plotters

We design on the latest Apple Macintosh computers and have a full suite of design software at our disposal. What’s more important is that we have over 18 years of experience in design for the aftermarket car industry focusing on vehicle wraps, liveries, stripes and paint protection film.

Production materials are based on what the project requires. We don’t believe there is a single best brand. It really depends on the colors needed for the project and the specific requirements. Over the years we have learned what specific materials from difference brand yield the best results, durability and best looks. This is the reason why a single kit might included vinyls from two different brands. We’re basically using the best material the project call for based on the requirement and color.

We use the best materials in the industry from:

  • Avery-Dennison
  • 3M
  • Oracal
  • Xpel
  • SunTek
  • STEK

KI Studios Wrap Shop

More than just color changes

With our wide format digital printers, plotters, and laminators, we have the freedom to develop nearly anything imaginable. With over 100 solid cast colors to choose from and the ability to print custom colors, the combinations for your project are endless. We can even do metallics as well as matte finishes.

Our focus is on preset designs and their variations. These designs can all be purchased in our online store. We do however offer custom design for racing liveries and car wraps. We do these using a custom design fee system. Be sure to contact us to discuss your custom design project.

Products include

We ship all of these product worldwide. This means you do not have to be anywhere near San Diego California to benefit from our products and services. We ship them to you or your preferred local wrap shop installer and you have them installed locally. Simple and effective.