Universal Stripes

Our collection of custom stripes is limited to some of the world’s most exclusive vehicles. However, there are many great cars out there that deserve stripes as well. We have created this collection of universal stripes with this in mind. The stripes are designed so that they can be fitted to many or most cars out there.

In order to ensure that KI Studios Universal Stripes will fit your car well, make sure to take good measurements. Most universal stripes come in either 14.25″ or 13″ widths depending the model and all come in 52″ length sections. For a full length car, you will likely need 2 or 3 sections to cover the bumper, hood, roof, rear deck lid and rear bumper. Generally, 1 section will cover the front of the car, another the roof line (center) and a third the rear – But this all depends on the size and configuration of your car. Also note any fittings on the car in the areas you will be applying the stripes as you might need to trim for those.

First, choose the universal stripe style you would like.

Once on the product page you can choose how many lengths of material you would like as well as any other options available to the particular kit of your choosing.

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