It’s all in the details. That is the case in our most recent project including 2 stunning Italian automobiles from JMFP’s garage. The first beauty to work on was Scarlett, a 2008 Ferrari F430 Spider. A week prior to this install JMFP contacted us with an interest in revamping Scarlett’s character by incorporating a spider web within a scuderia stripe. A unique design that reflects the characteristic classification of the Ferrari Spider model. Upon hearing about the concept we were stoked to start on the development of the design and see how it will unravel once installed.

Scarlett initial install

So it begins. Scarlett being part of JMFP’s private car collection it was without a doubt polished and beyond smooth. In this case we began by cleaning up the surface to guarantee the vinyl sticking to the body’s surface. By carefully positioning the vinyl we could see that it’s going to be stunning.

Scarlett initial install

After the hood we slowly worked our way to the rear installing the various sections making up the stripe. By the engine bay the spider web graphics accent the intricate patterns of both the carbon fiber and mesh.

Kyle's attention to detail

As designers we always pay attention to detail from the developing process of a design to the final installation. Carefully taking into account measurements of the design/car ratio as well as working around the vehicles. At the end of the day we’re also car enthusiasts and respect the beauty of these automobiles as if they were our own. As were installing these graphics we couldn’t help to admire the attention to detail that JMFP has put into his cars. From custom stripes to initial scripted wheel caps throughout his car collection.

Ferrari JMFP wheel cap

But that is not all JMFP’s Garage had in store for us. The subtly named ‘Perro’ was a devil in disguise, a 2001 Lamborghini Diablo VT that is. We were excited to witness the ambiance of this finely yet aggressive Lamborghini and knowing that it is powered by it’s ravaging V12 engine. Interestingly enough this was not the first time KI Studios had worked with this precise Lamborghini. KI Studios had originally designed the Italian flag stripe kit, and was installed by the staff of Protective Film Solutions. After some time JMFP became the new owner and rightfully decided it was time to refresh the stripes.

Taming the Bull

As you may now know we begin by carefully cleaning the surfaces and positioning it in place. Here we see Kyle installing the front stripe in the hood and you could clearly see the aggressive body angles of the Diablo. Impressive wouldn’t you agree? As we head to the rear you could see the engine vents and the flag stripe reinforcing the forward motion. Lamborghini Vents

Just like the Ferrari, the wheels complimented the Italian based stripe. A set of HRE wheels with each Letter representing the colors of the Italian flag.

Italy flag HRE wheel cap

Che bella macchina!! A finely designed machinery indeed.

Kyle installing roof section on the Diablo

It was great working with JMFP Garage and their cars. If you would like to see more of JMFP’s private collection, check out their website and blog covering their latest projects.

JMFP Garage