The Porsche 911R Style Top Stripe kit has been the latest favorite stripe in the KI Studios stripes collection over the last year. Let’s see where it came from and what makes our version such a hit.

Porsche 911R Style Top Stripes on a 991 GT3 RS

The popularity of some stripes depend on the generation of the car. Higher end models came from factory with different iconic stripe kits. The 997 GT3RS side script, 997.2 GT3RS Checkers, RS 4.0 two color center stripe, and the 911R double stripes really set each generation apart.

High End Porsche Model Stripes

Well, there’s a new popular stripe kit right now. That is the Porsche 911R style top stripes kit. This is a top stripe kit we created last year based on the Porsche 911R, or 991 991R. The 991 Porsche 911R has many design references to the 1967 Porsche 911R, which was Porsche’s original homologation special. As most Porsche enthusiasts know, after that, Porsche issued a good number of other homologation cars, such as the venerable Porsche 911 2.7 RS.

The newest Porsche 911R carries a now iconic set of widely spaced top stripes. These are the stripes we’ve set to replicate and also expand using some of our creative ideas.

For example, you could only buy a 911R with stripes in either red or green. No other colors and no accents were available. This is all good and well in making the design easy to remember and spot. However, some people want other colors. We made our rendition of the Porsche 911R top stripes available in every color in our vinyl color collection.

Choose Your Stripe Color. Choose Your Accents

We didn’t stop there however, we designed perfect-fit accents so the people could create their own favorite color combinations. This means you can choose any combination of base color and accent color from that same color collection. For example, a lot of customers like the Deadpool color combo, and do it by choosing a matte black base color with red accents. Another popular option is to use Matte Platinum Grey as the base color, which matches the grey on the GT3 wheels, and then add an accent to go with the theme of their car. It’s sometimes yellow, to match the brake calipers or otherwise red or orange. Some customers do it more subtly by accenting with black over the Matte Platinum Grey. If a single color is your preference, you can choose any of those colors, but leave out the accent.

We wanted to make sure that Porsche enthusiasts with cars other than the 991 could enjoy the 911R look. For that reason, we’ve adjusted the design to fit cars such as the Porsche Cayman 987, Cayman GT4 and Cayman 981 (use the GT4 version). Additionally, in the 991 range itself, the engine lids on these cars vary. What we have done is we’ve created version for all the variations. For 991, we have Porsche 911R stripes for Porsche 991 GT3 RS, 991 GT3, 991.2 GT3, 991 Touring and 991 Carrera. This ensures you can get the right fit for your Porsche.

KI Studios Porsche 911R Style Top Stripes Installation

The KI Studios Porsche 911R style top stripes are a little different in installation than our other stripes. This is because they cover considerably more surface area and must also comply with more pronounced body compound curves. For this reason we offer our 911R stripes in air-release wrap vinyl, which comes to you unmasked, unlike standard stripe vinyl. This also means that the 911R stripes should be installed dry, and not with a soapy solution. You also need to use a heat gun to help the stripes conforms to the compound curves of your car. This makes installation a little harder for DIY installers. If unsure about what you’re doing, we’d recommend taking your kit to a local wrap shop to do the installation for you.

Lava Orange Porsche 991 GT3 RS with 911R Top Stripes by KI Studios

These are the kits we currently offer Porsche 911R style top stripes for:

Porsche 991 GT3 RS 911R Stripes
Porsche 991 GT3, 991.2 GT3 and 991.2 GT3 Touring 911 Stripes (choose model in selectors)
Porsche 981 Cayman GT4 and 981 Cayman
Porsche 987 Cayman

Rolling Porsche 991 GT3 RS with KI Studios 911R Stripes