I once read a post by a Porsche owner on a Porsche forum which read, “I can’t imagine owning a Porsche and not wrapping it.”

Porsche Matte Black Car Wrap - KI Studios

The quote is two-fold. The guys is likely referring to a full body clear bra, but a color change wrap would also fit the bill just as much.

Porsche Car Wraps – Fun with color, while getting protection.

See, Porsches are expensive. Porsche paint is expensive. A repainted Porsche loses a lot of value. For some, that’s Ok. However, for most Porsche owners, preserving the car’s value is of utmost importance. If you have to repaint your bumper from it being speckled with rock chips, your car will ultimately be losing some of its value. If you are able to do something for your car that will pay for itself in care, wouldn’t you do it?

Porsche Car Wraps Before and After - KI Studios

You can do it for the enjoyment of wrapping your Porsche in any color you might want. The expense of $2,800 to $5,000 would end up paying for itself in protection. See, specially for a daily driven Porsche, the paint protection you get from a wrap is totally worth it. You could be able to avoid the expense of a repaint, which isn’t cheap to match a Porsche color. Furthermore, you would be able to avoid the loss of value in the car from that repaint.

Color change vinyl wrap or full body clear bra

You will get much better protection from a full body clear bra, true. That said, a vinyl color-change wrap is very thin but it does offer some protection. The thin layer of vinyl can protect from minor rock chips and light scratches. Your paint would fare much better than just being bare.

The rock chip and paint protection might be light on color change wraps, but there is one aspect were the wrap offers a whole lot of protection: Weathering.

I’m referring to UV protection from the sun, and weather protection from rain, salt and other contaminants. A vinyl wrap would do wonders to protect your Porsche’s paint from these elements. Just the fact that after the wrap has run its course, you can peel it off and reveal perfect “new” paint is one thing you definitely have to consider.

Matte Black Porsche 911 Turbo - KI Studios

Again, I’m referring to color change Porsche car wraps because of the fun factor of changing the color to something super unique. You can have everyone puzzled at the fact that it’s not a Porsche factory color — yet, you’re not screwing up your car’s value because it’s totally reversible.

Of course, if it’s ultimate protection you want, then an Xpel clear bra wrap for your Porsche is the way to go.

More about Porsche car wraps and clear bra

If you want to learn more about what goes into color change Porsche car wraps, check out our car wraps page.

For the ultimate in paint protection go here: Xpel clear bra paint protection.

Finally, stripes go over a Porsche car wrap extremely well. Select from our extensive collection of Porsche stripes to complete the look of your car.

At KI Studios we’ve been wrapping cars for over 15 years. Yes, we work on Ferraris and Lamborghinis and such, but Porsche has always been our specialty. We are in San Diego California and worth the drive down from LA for the experience alone. You want someone with experience wrapping your Porsche.